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When users get a DIY robot kit, usually they will follow the manual to finish assembly; remote control the robot to explore all functions and tasks the DIY robot was preset; programming the robot to do some tasks that not preset; then create a new robot form or robot function by themselves.

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Turnkey solution

Turnkey solution. Weeemake offers a turnkey solution of STEAM education with different themes such as robotics, programming, AI, IoT, smart home, smart agriculture, etc.

Our team

R&D Ability. We have our own R&D team to design and develop mechanical parts, electronics, software, and curriculum in one station by ourselves.

Rich platform

Rich platform. Weeemake develops more than 200 mechanical structure parts, more than 100 electronic modules in our educational robot DIY platform. Based on this platform, we offer robot kits from primary level to universities, from entry-level kit to Maker space kit and robot competition solutions

Our Compatibilities

Compatibilities. Weeemake is an open platform, compatible with open-source Arduino, micro:bit, Raspberry Pi, etc.; In software, we support graphical programing based on Scratch 3.0, Arduino C, microPython languages.

Tracking line car

Weeemake is a metal educational robot DIY platform for kids 8+ to professional level to learn robotics, programming, AI, IoT, etc. We are a comprehensive STEAM education solution platform integrating R&D, production, and sales.

We developed a series of mainboard/shield, 100+ easy-wiring electronics, 200+ anodized aluminum mechanical parts, and a one-station software that integrates Scratch 3.0, Arduino C, Python.

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12 in 1 WeeeBot RobotStorm DIY Robot Kit.

The 12-in-1 WeeeBot Robotstorm STEAM DIY Robot Kit is a powerful parts library consists of more than 450 parts. With heavy-duty mechanical parts such as beams, plates, brackets, gears, grippers, tracks, shafts, wheels, and easy-to-use electronic modules like ELF mainboard, RGB ultrasonic sensor, line-following sensor, gyroscope sensor, limit switch, RGB LED-8 module, light sensor, sound sensor, buzzer, IR receiver, Bluetooth module, Bluetooth dongle, you can get an enhanced hands-on experience on 12 difference robot that is programmable in wireless way.

12 in 1 WeeeBot RobotStorm DIY Robot Kit.

6 in 1 WeeeBot Evolution STEAM DIY Robot Kit

 6 in 1 WeeeBot Evolution DIY Robot Kit is one of the most popular robot DIY kit in Weeemake. Besides the preset six interesting robot forms, children and students can use the metal mechanical parts to make their own robot. Support IR remote control and APP control, support PC WeeeCode programming and APP coding.

6 in 1 WeeeBot Evolution STEAM DIY Robot Kit

9 in 1 Science DIY Robot kit

 The 9 in 1 science kit is a DIY robot kit for mechanical engineering schools and students. It includes all kinds of parts to build nine classical mechanism structure. This DIY kit offers a hands-on experience to students, let students learn the structure through building by themselves.

9 in 1 Science DIY Robot kit
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What users say about WEEEMAKE

I am very happy to do business with them. They helped us through all the process, and the customer support was very gently. I will sure do business with them again


The robot is perfect, the quality is excellent and durable, and I look forward to continuing to cooperate next time


They have rich robot selections, the sales is very professional to explain all details as well. I’m happy to do business with them.


Quite interesting and functional robot. I would use this WeeeBot in lessons with pleasure. With a competent approach, you can count on a 2 -year course. 1 year - block programming. 2 years Arduino C.

Frequently Asked Question

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Buy a DIY robot kit for yourself. DIY robot is a robot kit including mechanical parts, electronic modules, and tools to make one or more robot forms. The kit will provide all hardware and assemble guide to you, so you can easily make your own robot with the DIY robot kit.

To DIY a robot, users should have the ability to read and follow instructions, know how to handle screwdriver, wrench, and other hardware. During the process, users also assembled different robot mechanism structure by themselves, and connect each part together to have a direct circuit practice. Moreover, users can follow tutorials to start coding, all those education experience come from a DIY robot kit. Of course, a programmable one.

 It depends on the level of the DIY robot and the hands-on ability of user. Weeemake DIY robot kit is dividing into starter kit and advanced kit. For starter kit, users build one robot form within one hour in general. For advanced kit, the time can be much longer.

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