• 12 in 1 WeeeBot RobotStorm STEAM Robot Kit
  • 12 in 1 WeeeBot RobotStorm STEAM Robot Kit
  • 12 in 1 WeeeBot RobotStorm STEAM Robot Kit
  • 12 in 1 WeeeBot RobotStorm STEAM Robot Kit
  • 12 in 1 WeeeBot RobotStorm STEAM Robot Kit
  • 12 in 1 WeeeBot RobotStorm STEAM Robot Kit

12 in 1 WeeeBot RobotStorm STEAM Robot Kit

Model: 181018

Weeemake 12-in-1 WeeeBot Robotstorm STEAM Robot Kit is a multi-functional DIY ultimate STEAM robot kit. It has more than 450 parts and contains 12+ cool pre-set forms. Whether you are a mechanical or an electronics engineer, a software engineer, a teacher a student, or a maker, this kit allows you to easily learn robot-related mechanical structure, electronics, and programming knowledge, encourage teamwork for robot competition.

This kit is a powerful parts library consists of more than 450 parts. With heavy-duty mechanical parts such as beams, plates, brackets, gears, grippers, tracks, shafts, wheels, and easy-to-use electronic modules like ELF mainboard, RGB ultrasonic sensor, Line-following sensor, gyroscope sensor, limit switch, RGB LED-8 module, light sensor, sound sensor, buzzer, IR receiver, Bluetooth module, Bluetooth dongle, you can get an enhanced hands-on experience on 12 difference robot that is programmable in wireless way.



STEAM Robot Kit1.4DOF Robot Arm: The 4DOF Robot Arm robot is a robot arm that has four degrees of freedom. This robot arm is driven by two encoder DC motor, one 37 DC motor and one servo motor in robot gripper.
STEAM Robot Kit2.Robot Arm Tank: The Robot Arm Tank is a robot consists of a tank chassis, a robot arm structure, and a metal robot gripper.
STEAM Robot Kit3.Forklift Robot: A forklift robot car that can lift and move objectives. The lifting mechanism is made of a slider and transmission structure.
STEAM Robot Kit4.Ball Launcher Robot: Ball launcher robot is a robot that can moving and shoot table-tennis size ball. It consists of a tank chassis and a shooting mechanism. Extra 3D file for table-tennis container is provided for schools which equipped with 3D printer.
STEAM Robot Kit5.Walking Robot: The walking robot is a robot which can simulate people walking forward and backward. Driven by one single encoder DC motor, this robot is made of multiple transmission mechanism.
STEAM Robot Kit6.Self-balancing Robot: Self-balancing robot is a robot that can drive by two wheels. Supported by 3-axis and gyroscope sensor and two encoder DC motors.
STEAM Robot Kit7.Bartender Robot: A robot that can moving very steady and pour a bottle of drinks. New moving chassis structure.
STEAM Robot Kit8.Camera Dolly: It moves very steady. The holder can fix your mobile phone to shoot photo and videos.
STEAM Robot Kit9.Rolling Tank: Rolling Tank is a triangle robot that can moving on uneven surface.
STEAM Robot Kit10.Three-wheel Robot: Three-wheel robot is the fastest and most flexible form of this kit. Recommend doing line-following challenge in this form.
STEAM Robot Kit11.Spider Robot: Spider robot has four legs, moving like a spider. Build this form to learn the structure of driving four legs by two motors.
STEAM Robot Kit12.Detection Tank: Detection Tank is a moving chassis robot with tracks, its flexibility is good. The track wheels can move on the uneven ground or run over small obstacles.
ELF Mainboard
WEEEMAKE ELF mainboard is designed on the basis of modular design style whose microchip is replaceable. This high-performance mainboard is designed for education.
1. Replaceable microchip: Support ATMEGA-328P, ESP32 chip, etc.
2. Same port for motor driver and sensor pin port, easy to use.
3. Random wiring, work with WeeeCode and Arduino.
STEAM Robot Kit
Operation Voltage: 6-12V
Wiring Port: 1x MCU port (ATmega 328p or ESP32)
  4x RJ11 port
  2 x DC motor port
  6 x pin conversion port (4 of which can be stepper/encoder/dc motor port)
  1 x Wireless Communication port (Bluetooth 2.4G)
  1x USB port (type B)
Onboard Electronics: 1x Buzzer
  1x Button
  1x RGB LED
Softare: WeeeCode (Scratch 3.0)
  Arduino IDE

Manual Download

New version V2.0 - upgraded to metal robot gripper!

Old version V1.0 - acrylic gripper kit. 


Form Chapter Learning Objectives Learning Hour Assembly Hour
Walking robot Chapter 1 Control Encoder DC Motor 90 mins 3 hours
Chapter 2 Control RGB lamp
Chapter 3 Combining Encoder DC Motor and RGB Lamp
Rolling Tank Chapter 4 Light-driven Robot 90 mins 3 hours
Chapter 5 Voice-driven Robot
Spider Robot Chapter 6 Infrared remote controller robot 90 mins 3 hours
Chapter 7 Singing Robot
Detection Robot Chapter 8 Obstacle Avoidance Robot 90 mins 3 hours
Chapter 9 Following Robot
3-wheeled Robot Chapter 10 Line-following Robot 90 mins 3 hours
Chapter 11 Line-following Combined with Obstacle Avoidance
Forklift Robot Chapter 12 Limit Infrared Remote Control Robot 90 mins 3 hours
Chapter 13 Infrared remote controller speed control Forklift Robot
Camera Dolly Robot Chapter 14 Accurate Control of Encoder DC Motor 90 mins 3 hours
Chapter 15 Remote Control Bartender Robot
4DOF Robot Arm Chapter 16 Remote Control Three-axis Mechanical Arm 90 mins 3 hours
Chapter 17 Remote Control Speed Regulation Three-axis Mechanical Arm
Bartender Robot Chapter 18 Remote control Bartender Robot 90 mins 3 hours
Chapter 19 Automatic Bartender Robot
Robot Arm Tank Chapter 20 Remote control Robot Arm Tank 90 mins 3 hours
Chapter 21 Limit Remote control Robot Arm Tank
Chapter 22 Automatic handling robot
Ball Launcher Chapter 23 Remote ejection robot 90 mins 3 hours
Chapter 24 Launch prompt function
Chapter 25 Complete remote controller ejection robot
Self-balancing robot Chapter 26 Measurement and Application of Gyroscope Sensor Acceleration 90 mins 3 hours
Chapter 27 Measurement and Application of Gyroscope Angle
Chapter 28 Complete remote-control robot
STEAM Robot Kit
Item Parameter
Electronics RGB ultrasonic sensor, Double-way line-following sensor, Gyroscope sensor, Limit switch module, Light sensor, Sound sensor, IR receiver
RGB LED -8 (pins), Encoder/DC motor driver, IR remote control, Bluetooth 4.1 module, Bluetooth Dongle module
Mechanical Components Over 400pcs
Controller ELF
Communication USB port, Bluetooth, 2.4G Wireless
Motor drive 10 ways(M1-M10)
Sensor port 10 (4xRJ11, 6xoptional)
Motor 4
Robot Forms 12 forms are provided
Size 437 x 320 x 200 mm
Weight 4500 g