When I turn on the robot, my robot has no response, why?

1. Low voltage, please recharge all your batteries or replace with new batteries.
2. Batteries installed in wrong polarity (+/-).
3. Incorrect wring on battery holder or motor.

When I controlled the robot to move forward, it moved backwards. How can I fix this?

The wiring of the motor is connected reversed. Please reconnect.

How to program my robot or restore the factory setting of my robot?

Please download WeeeCode software on our website, connect robot to PC via USB cable, select serial port “COM x” and mainboard type in software to start coding your robot.

“Restore Firmware” menu offers different options: “Online Firmware” support you make live testing of your program, robot will response immediately; “Factory Firmware” will resume the factory program and settings for your robot; “Mobile Firmware” supports robot control and program on WeeeMake APP.

I cannot connect robot to computer via USB cable nor wireless way, how can I fix it?

Your computer hasn’t installed the driver of the mainboard. Please install driver in WeeeCode software “Help” menu, restart the robot, and connect to computer again.

Why cannot the robot move with USB power supply?

USB power supply can only support chip and sensors in mainboard. To drive motors or servos, please connect batteries and switch on the power button.

Why doesn’t the Line-following Sensor work?

1. Make sure the distance between Line-following sensor and line-following map is between 1-2cm, this is the best working range.
2. Do not use Line-following mode under strong light. Strong light will interfere the function of Line-following Sensor.
3. Make sure to use unreflecting material to make your own line-following map.

Why cannot the software read the value of sensor?

Please check your wiring, make sure sensors are connected to the same port with your program in the WeeeCode software.

Why does WeeeCode report error while uploading program to ELF ESP32 mainboard?

Due to the port occupation of ESP32 chip, it will report error if ports 5/12/15 is connected to any electronic modules while mainboard turned on (or be powered by USB). Please avoid connecting those ports while connects mainboard to PC, and finish wiring after.

Can ELF AIOT K210 mainboard play mp3 audio file?

The ELF AIOT K210 mainboard can read microSD card at location ‘/sd/a.wav’. Support only *.wav file, cannot play *.mp3 file.

Can I get a customization robot for my project? OEM or ODM?

We offer customization services to our customer. Please contact us for more detail inquiry, or email hello@weeemake.com.