Customized Robotic Kit | Robotic Arm Kit Programmable

Customized Robotic Kit | Robotic Arm Kit Programmable


Weeemake robotic kit is a one-stop educational solution for robotics, programming, and STEAM education. The mechanical parts of Weeemake robotic kit are made of orange anodized aluminum, with sandblasting surface. The electronic modules are easy-wiring RJ11 connecting system, with single-bus Weeemake 1-wire communication protocol, widely compatible. The adaptive software WeeeCode integrates drag & drop block-mode graphical programming, Arduino C programming, and Python programming. All kit comes with step-by-step assembly guide and curriculum.

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Turnkey solution

Turnkey solution. Weeemake offers a turnkey solution of STEAM education with different themes such as robotics, programming, AI, IoT, smart home, smart agriculture, etc.

Our team

R&D Ability. We have our own R&D team to design and develop mechanical parts, electronics, software, and curriculum in one station by ourselves.

Rich platform

Rich platform. Weeemake develops more than 200 mechanical structure parts, more than 100 electronic modules in our educational robot DIY platform. Based on this platform, we offer robot kits from primary level to universities, from entry-level kit to Maker space kit and robot competition solutions

Our Compatibilities

Compatibilities. Weeemake is an open platform, compatible with open-source Arduino, micro:bit, Raspberry Pi, etc.; In software, we support graphical programing based on Scratch 3.0, Arduino C, microPython languages.

6 in 1 WeeeBot Evolution STEAM Robot Kit

Weeemake is a metal educational robot DIY platform for kids 8+ to professional level to learn robotics, programming, AI, IoT, etc. We are a comprehensive STEAM education solution platform integrating R&D, production, and sales.

We developed a series of mainboard/shield, 100+ easy-wiring electronics, 200+ anodized aluminum mechanical parts, and a one-station software that integrates Scratch 3.0, Arduino C, Python.

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A classroom robotic kit -WeeeBot Jeep

WeeeBot Jeep is a classroom robotic kit which to let students learn graphical programming and get robot hands-on skills, develop logical thinking ability and practical ability.

The product is designed for classroom, with a plastic storage box. It’s an educational robot with a well-organized curriculum to offer project-based learning in 16-chapter curriculum book for teacher.

A classroom robotic kit -WeeeBot Jeep

The Real AI Robotic Kit - Weeemake AI Machine Learning Starter Kit

AI machine learning starter kit is a 2 in 1 entry-level DIY robotic kit for students to get hands-on ability about artificial intelligence. This robotic kit uses ELF AIOT K210 mainboard as the controller, introduced AI knowledge focusing on machine vision and machine hearing such as face recognition, vision line-tracking algorithm, object recognition algorithm, etc. by user-friendly graphical programming as well as professional Python code. At the same time, it also offers engineering knowledge such as 4-wheel drive structure, mecanum wheel installation and usage, and so on.

The Real AI Robotic Kit - Weeemake AI Machine Learning Starter Kit

The most popular robotic kit for teens – 6 in 1 WeeeBot Evolution

6 evolutionary building forms in WeeeBot Evolution robotic kit:

~Four leg robot bug robotic structure

~Robot Penguin

~Walking robotic structure

~Three Wheel robotic structure

~Detection robotic structure

~Wall-E robotic structure

Evolution involved, building robots from the animal, to human, to robot machine times! The learning process of building and programming with WeeeCode are fun and easy.

The most popular robotic kit for teens – 6 in 1 WeeeBot Evolution
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What users say about WEEEMAKE

I am very happy to do business with them. They helped us through all the process, and the customer support was very gently. I will sure do business with them again


The robot is perfect, the quality is excellent and durable, and I look forward to continuing to cooperate next time


They have rich robot selections, the sales is very professional to explain all details as well. I’m happy to do business with them.


Quite interesting and functional robot. I would use this WeeeBot in lessons with pleasure. With a competent approach, you can count on a 2 -year course. 1 year - block programming. 2 years Arduino C.

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Robotic kit consists of all parts relating to robotic mechanism system, to make a robot, some basic subjects’ knowledge is required such as physics, match, engineering, etc. Those are naturally match the fundamental elements of STEAM education.  

WeeeMake Evolution Robot Kit has six interesting robotic forms such as the cute Wall-E like robot, penguin robot, walking robot, and other flexible robot forms! It can be a fun DIY robotic kit, in the meantime it can also do lots of robot competition challenge such as line tracking, obstacle avoidance, light and sound interactive projects and so on. With all features, it’s a high cost-effective robotic kit with a good expand possibilities. The building process and learning programming with WeeeCode are fun and easy.

Weeemake WeeeBot series is a good selection of products to learn robotics and graphical programming. For different age kids, different models are available. 6-8: WeeeBot mini 8-10: WeeeBot Jeep 10-14: 6 in 1 WeeeBot Evolution 12+: 12 in 1 WeeeBot RobotStorm.

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