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Weeecode is a programming software for educational users. Based on Scratch3.0 and Arduino. It can also support graphical programming, Arduino IDE programming, and Python text programming. By simply dragging and dropping the code blocks, you can easily create a variety of codes and projects.


Weeecode supports all robot kits on the Weeemake platform, as well as more than 100 electronic modules. It can translate graphical code to Arduino C or Python code by one-click. Weeecode also provides AI blocks, such as voice recognition, image recognition, and IoT related functions.


More functions, wait for you to explore!


Getting Started with WeeeCode

Mac Beta Version Installation Notice
Update Log:
2023/11/24 Beta Version 3.6.3 beta1124 version, support WeeeCore Bot, fix some firmware bugs. 2023/3/31 Version 3.6.2 Add line-tracking block for line following sensors, support new gamepad Bluetooth Controller (White), fix some bugs. 
2023/3/6 Version 3.6 Support new controller ELF ESP32 Pro, and AI Handle (WeeeCore), add extensions blocks, fix some bugs. 
2023/2/4 Version 3.5.8 Support Blynk platform for IoT Learning Kit. Optimize programming blocks for ELF AIOT K210 controller.

WeeeMake APP

WeeeMake (mobile) is a programmable app for WEEEMAKE robot platform, allows zero-based children control and coding their robots. The app contains multiple function modes that allow children to explore and learn robotics and programming knowledge, exercise hands-on and logical thinking skills.


WeeeMake APP provides basic control methods for Weeemake robots, including direction control, obstacle avoidance, line-following mode and so on. It also supports advanced functions such as draw, voice control and graphical programming.


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