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IoT Learning Kit

Model: 161051

Weeemake IoT Learning Kit t is an Advanced STEAM education kit to learn about the Internet of Things.

The purpose is to let students get hands-on experience in creating simulated smart home and smart farm projects with the magical Internet of Things technology.

14 chapters of teaching material with a step-by-step guide for IoT learning. Rich sensors and platforms to teach the hardware programming, IoT server setup, and APP inventor programming from 0 to 1.


K12 IoT Learning and Explore Kit

With the Weeemake IoT Learning Kit, students who learns Scratch already can now create their own connected devices quickly and easily. Students will learn to harness the power of the Blynk IoT Cloud to gather data, understand how devices communicate with each other, and which tools to use to facilitate communication. They’ll also learn about APP design, data management, analysis, and computational thinking. 

IoT learning kit requires basic knowledge of graphical programming (Scratch, WeeeCode) logical thinking ability. It’s an easy-wiring electronics kit, and the whole kit is focusing on the concept of IoT, WLAN, LAN, WiFi gate, IoT platform and server, WiFi connection, APP Inventor design and program to achieve all kinds of IoT projects.

This Kit is designed to let students apply various programming knowledge, Internet of Things technology, connect the network world and the real world, and cultivate students' programming control ability, hands-on practice ability, daily life observation ability and spatial imagination, and comprehensive practice. Improve students’ comprehensive scientific and engineering literacy.
IoT Learning Kit

WEEEMAKE ELF mini V3.0 is an integrated, compact design robot control board for STEM education. With rich onboard sensors, onboard charging circuit, RJ11 wiring port, transparent PC shell protection, there are Lego-compatible holes and M4 screws on it for easy installation.
Operation Voltage: 6-12V
MCU: ATmega 328p or ESP32
Wiring Port: 4x RJ11 port
  2 x DC motor port
  1 x Wireless communication port (Bluetooth 2.4G)
  1x USB port (type B)
Onboard Electronics: 1x Sound sensor
  1x Light sensor
  1x IR Receiver
  2x Red LED
  2x Yellow LED
  4x Blue LED (Power Indicator)
Software: WeeeCode (Scratch 3.0)
  App Inventor

The IoT Learning Kit also encourages teamwork spirit, as the projects are complicated, and require different teams and groups to work together to achieve a local area network system or a comprehensive project. 
Suggest user: 2-4 students.
Suggest equipment: At least 4 sets per class.


No. Name Theme Learning Hour School Class
1 What is the IoT Let students know about IoT, the function and technology of the Internet of Things. 90 mins 2 Lesson
2 Alarm Clock 1. Learn to use and program the 4 LED button module, 4-digit LED display module, MP3 module.
2. Learn to use the Bluetooth module and Bluetooth dongle
3. Make an alarm device
90 mins 2 Lesson
3 Weather Station 1. Learn to use the weather extension.
2. Make a IoT weather station.
90 mins 2 Lesson
4 Security System 1. Learn to use and program the servo and PIR sensor.
2. Learn to use face detection extension.
3. Make a security system
90 mins 2 Lesson
5 Wifi Fan 1. Learn the function and mode of WiFi module.
2. Learn to use and program the fan module.
3. Make a project to use button module control the fan by WiFi local network.
90 mins 2 Lesson
6 Wifi Gate Build a local network by WiFi modules, and make a WiFi gate. 90 mins 2 Lesson
7 Make a Gateway Learn to make a gateway to connect multiple device wirelessly. 90 mins 2 Lesson
8 IoT with Internet Learn to setup the IoT platform and control the light from IoT server. 90 mins 2 Lesson
9 Environmental monitoring Learn to make a environmental monitoring device to be control and monitored in IoT server. 90 mins 2 Lesson
10 App Inventor 1. Know about App Inventor.
2. Learn the design and program interface and make an App.
90 mins 2 Lesson
11 App Controlled Light Use App Inventor to control light through IoT server. 90 mins 2 Lesson
12 Music Player Design a MP3 APP, program to control the phisical MP3 module by internet. 90 mins 2 Lesson
13 Smart Farm Make an APP to monitor the soil moisture and lightness, control the water pump watering plants, and control light color to help plants grow. 90 mins 2 Lesson
14 Creation Project Review all hardware and software knowledge and make a comprehensive project with groups. 90 mins 2 Lesson
SKU: 161051
Item Parameter
Controller ELF mini V3.0
Onboard Electronics Light Sensor, Sound Sensor, IR Receiver, Buzzer, Red LED, Yellow LED, Power Indicator
Electronics WiFi Module, PIR Sensor, Moisture Sensor, Temperature and Humidity Sensor, RJ11 LED - Red, RJ11 LED - Green, 4-digit LED Display, MP3 Module, 4 LED Button, RGB LED Strip - 0.5m, RJ11 Adapter, Bluetooth 4.1 module, Bluetooth Dongle module
Communication USB port, Bluetooth, 2.4G Wireless
Motor drive 2 ways(M1, M2)
Sensor port 4xRJ11
Motor 3 (Water pump motor, servo motor, 5V 130 motor)
Size 365 x 287 x 45 mm
Weight 1230 g