• 9-in-1 Science Kit
  • 9-in-1 Science Kit
  • 9-in-1 Science Kit
  • 9-in-1 Science Kit
  • 9-in-1 Science Kit
  • 9-in-1 Science Kit
  • 9-in-1 Science Kit

9-in-1 Science Kit

Model: 160509

The 9 in 1 Science Kit is an educational robot DIY kit which can simultaneously build at least 9 classic STEAM application cases. Each structure is cleverly designed, simple and compact, and is closely integrated with the school’s internal science and physics classes to stimulate students’ scientific interest.

9-in-1 Science Kit

Crank and Rocker Mechanis

The crank is master drive and moving at the same speed, while the rocker is slave drive, moving back and forth at variable speed, and the connecting rod is making compound motion in one plane.

9-in-1 Science Kit

Double Rocker Mechanism

Both rockers can be used as master drive members. When the master rocker swings back and forth, the driven rocker swings back and forth through the connecting rod.

9-in-1 Science Kit

Slider-Crank Mechanism

The crank and the slider mechanism is one planar linkage mechanism that can transfer the movements between rotation and sliding.

9-in-1 Science Kit

Meshing Belt Driving Mechanism

Keep the belt drive synchronized, utilizing the gears’ gear ratio difference, it can reduce the speed and increase the torque.

9-in-1 Science Kit

Oscillating and Reciprocating Mechanism

With the combination of the slider crank mechanism and the gear-linkage transmission mechanism, the rotary motion is converted into a reciprocating swing motion.

9-in-1 Science Kit


The gear transmission mechanism drives the motor rotate and reversely cut the magnetic induction wire, and therefore generate electricity and light up the led, realizing the process of energy conversion from Electric energy to mechanical energy to electric energy.

9-in-1 Science Kit

Ultrasonic Guitar

Utilizing the ultrasonic sensor ranging function, the preset sound will be played depends on the detected distance of the slider, the color of the RGB led will change accompanying the ultrasonic.

9-in-1 Science Kit

Ultrasonic Radar

Ultrasonic radar uses one motor to rotate the ultrasonic sensor in 360 degrees horizontal, if measured object in its detection range, buzzer will make response and ultrasonic sensor would be moved up and down by the second motor.

9-in-1 Science Kit

Music Robot

Utilizing the line-following sensor as the limit switch; the gear drives the gear rack back to the initial position; then rotate reversely to drive the gear rack to move and start playing music; when the music playing is done, the gear rack returns to the initial position; and repeats the above motion.

9-in-1 Science Kit
9-in-1 Science Kit
9-in-1 Science Kit

Scan to download the assembly guide:

• Easy to Build
Clear animation step-by-step assembly instruction, user-friendly design.
• Classical Mechanism
Build 9 classical mechanism structure with different types of motor.
• Limitless Extension
Compatible with multiple platform mechanics, electronics, and software.
• Visual graphical programming and Arduino C
The easy-to-use graphical programming is able to control each part of robot by simply dragging & dropping blocks. One click to Aduino C.

• Name: ELF
• Microchip: ATmega 328P
• Port:1 x MCU port (ATmega 328p, ATmega2560, ESP32) 
4 x RJ11 (connect to RJ11 sensor and modules)
2 x DC motor port
6 x pin conversion port (4 of which can be stepper/encoder/dc motor port)
1 x USB port
1 x Communication port (Bluetooth 2.4G)
• Electronics:  1 x RGB LED
1 x Buzzer
1 x Button

Sensor & Motor
1 x RGB ultrasonic sensor V1.0
1 x Double-way line-following sensor
1 x DC Motor-25 (188RPM)
2 x DC Motor-25 (335RPM)
1 x DC Motor-25 (50RPM)
1 x MG995 Servo Motor
1 x RJ11 Adapter
1 x Small bulb-5mm Red