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AI Starter Kit

The AI Starter Kit is a preliminary entry-level kit that combines an artificial intelligence theme and a programming education theme developed for classroom teaching.

Weeemake AI Starter Kit is an entry-level kit for lower-grade primary school students. With suitcase package, easy to manage and working in classroom. Fully covered bracket mainboard and sensors, beautiful and convenient for use. An ideal kit to start AI education enlightenment.

AI Starter KitAI Starter Kit

AI Starter Kit
AI Starter Kit

ELF mini V3.0
WEEEMAKE ELF mini V3.0 is an integrated, compact design robot control board for STEM education. With rich onboard sensors, onboard charging circuit, RJ11 wiring port, transparent PC shell protection, there are Lego-compatible holes and M4 screws on it for easy installation.
AI Starter Kit
Operation Voltage: 6-12V
MCU: ATmega 328p or ESP32
Wiring Port: 4x RJ11 port
  2 x DC motor port
  1 x Wireless communication port (Bluetooth 2.4G)
  1x USB port (type B)
Onboard Electronics: 1x Sound sensor
  1x Light sensor
  1x IR Receiver
  2x Red LED
  2x Yellow LED
  4x Blue LED (Power Indicator)
Software: WeeeCode (Scratch 3.0), Arduino IDE

AI Starter Kit
Chapter No. Lessons Learning Hour School Class
Chapter 1: Hello, Artificial Intelligence! 1 1. Artificial Intelligence from the Future 45 mins 1 lesson
  2 2. My AI assistant 45 mins 1 lesson
  3 3. My first line of code 45 mins 1 lesson
Chapter 2: Secret Programming Tool 4 1. Athletic master 45 mins 1 lesson
  5 2. AI, a good talker 45 mins 1 lesson
  6 3. To be tamed 45 mins 1 lesson
  7 4. Mathematical calculations 45 mins 1 lesson
  8 5. To be a detector 45 mins 1 lesson
  9 6. To be an artist 45 mins 1 lesson
Chapter 3: Combine AI with Sensor 10 1. Sound-control switch 45 mins 1 lesson
  11 2. Time reminder 45 mins 1 lesson
  12 3. Weather monitor 45 mins 1 lesson
  13 4. Anti-theft expert 45 mins 1 lesson
Chapter 4: Design A AI Assistant 14 1. Super broadcaster 45 mins 1 lesson
  15 2. AI family guard 45 mins 1 lesson
  16 3. A diverse AI assistant 45 mins 1 lesson
SKU: 180023 AI Starter Kit
ELF mini V3.0 (Atmega 328P)
Operating Voltage:   
6-12V (18650 Lithium battery pack included)
On-board Sensor:     
Light Sensor, Sound Sensor, IR, LED, Buzzer
External Sensor:       
Temperature and humidity sensor; PIR sensor; 0.96 OLED display; 5V130 motor module (fan); MP3 module; Slide potentiometer; RJ11 adapter; 1 to 4 RJ11 Module
9g Servo Pack
Bluetooth, IR, 2.4G(optional)
Program Software:
WeeeCode (Scratch 3.0)
Arduino IDE