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Young students and kids generally start learning programming and robotics by coding robot. It may have different programming languages to communicate with robot, but coding robot usually use graphical programming as the coding language. Users can control the robot by drag and drop coding blocks together to set instructions.

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Turnkey solution

Turnkey solution. Weeemake offers a turnkey solution of STEAM education with different themes such as robotics, programming, AI, IoT, smart home, smart agriculture, etc.

Our team

R&D Ability. We have our own R&D team to design and develop mechanical parts, electronics, software, and curriculum in one station by ourselves.

Rich platform

Rich platform. Weeemake develops more than 200 mechanical structure parts, more than 100 electronic modules in our educational robot DIY platform. Based on this platform, we offer robot kits from primary level to universities, from entry-level kit to Maker space kit and robot competition solutions

Our Compatibilities

Compatibilities. Weeemake is an open platform, compatible with open-source Arduino, micro:bit, Raspberry Pi, etc.; In software, we support graphical programing based on Scratch 3.0, Arduino C, microPython languages.

WeeeBot mini

Weeemake is a metal educational robot DIY platform for kids 8+ to professional level to learn robotics, programming, AI, IoT, etc. We are a comprehensive STEAM education solution platform integrating R&D, production, and sales.

We developed a series of mainboard/shield, 100+ easy-wiring electronics, 200+ anodized aluminum mechanical parts, and a one-station software that integrates Scratch 3.0, Arduino C, Python.

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Home Inventor coding robot series

Home Inventor is a coding robot series that can build at least 15 desktop projects that simulates home applications. A lot of electronics included in this series to offer a fun interactive learning and coding process to children by sound and light, display, temperature and humidity, gas, fire, gesture, water, etc. 32 lessons STEM course comes with this coding robot series, perfect product for school class.

Home Inventor coding robot series

Our green world – Python Coding Robot Kit

Our green world is a python coding robot kit for beginners who wants to learn python programming and graphical programming. This coding robot kit is consisting of an ELF ESP32 robot controller, 14 easy-wiring electronic modules, durable metal structure parts, Scratch and Python programming software, and teaching tutorials.

Our green world – Python Coding Robot Kit

WeeeBot mini – your open and play coding robot

WeeeBot mini is an open and play STEM coding robot for beginners. Kids will enjoy using the remote control and app to control each part of the robot such as setting ‘eye’ colors, showing different emoji, etc. It’s a coding robot for kids that makes teaching and learning robotics and programming simple and fun with minimum setup.

WeeeBot mini – your open and play coding robot
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What users say about WEEEMAKE

I am very happy to do business with them. They helped us through all the process, and the customer support was very gently. I will sure do business with them again


The robot is perfect, the quality is excellent and durable, and I look forward to continuing to cooperate next time


They have rich robot selections, the sales is very professional to explain all details as well. I’m happy to do business with them.


Quite interesting and functional robot. I would use this WeeeBot in lessons with pleasure. With a competent approach, you can count on a 2 -year course. 1 year - block programming. 2 years Arduino C.

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Robotics teaches the foundation required for more advanced technology careers. Coding robot is one of the best ways to learn robotics, STEM subjects in comprehensive projects, based on activities that work to build complex integrational skills in the kids. In this ever-changing world, the most competitive person is the one who has knowledge about every field from an early age.

Coding Robot brings up the IQ levels during the application of playing, learning, and creating. It also builds the interest of the users in a specific direction of science while having fun. A robot programmer has a good salary from entry level, and this job will be more important in future while robot machine replacing human labor in more fields.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are fundamentals of the universe. Coding robot is an interactive approach to science, technology, engineering, and math. Coding robot includes coding knowledge and robotics knowledge, coding is an essential set of instructions that a robot can read and execute.

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