What is a robotic kit?

What is a robotic kit?

A robot kit usually refers to a set of equipment used in robot manufacturing motion system; it is composed of: aluminum alloy and other spare parts, universal wheels and omnidirectional wheels.

The robotic kit is a kit consisting of parts relating to mechanical robots. It has all necessary characteristics and parts of a robot, performs with robotic consistency.

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Why Choose WEEEMAKE?

Turnkey solution

Turnkey solution. Weeemake offers a turnkey solution of STEAM education with different themes such as robotics, programming, AI, IoT, smart home, smart agriculture, etc.

Our team

R&D Ability. We have our own R&D team to design and develop mechanical parts, electronics, software, and curriculum in one station by ourselves.

Rich platform

Rich platform. Weeemake develops more than 200 mechanical structure parts, more than 100 electronic modules in our educational robot DIY platform. Based on this platform, we offer robot kits from primary level to universities, from entry-level kit to Maker space kit and robot competition solutions

Our Compatibilities

Compatibilities. Weeemake is an open platform, compatible with open-source Arduino, micro:bit, Raspberry Pi, etc.; In software, we support graphical programing based on Scratch 3.0, Arduino C, microPython languages.

6 in 1 WeeeBot Evolution STEAM Robot Kit

Weeemake is a metal educational robot DIY platform for kids 8+ to professional level to learn robotics, programming, AI, IoT, etc. We are a comprehensive STEAM education solution platform integrating R&D, production, and sales.

We developed a series of mainboard/shield, 100+ easy-wiring electronics, 200+ anodized aluminum mechanical parts, and a one-station software that integrates Scratch 3.0, Arduino C, Python.

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I am very happy to do business with them. They helped us through all the process, and the customer support was very gently. I will sure do business with them again


The robot is perfect, the quality is excellent and durable, and I look forward to continuing to cooperate next time


They have rich robot selections, the sales is very professional to explain all details as well. I’m happy to do business with them.


Quite interesting and functional robot. I would use this WeeeBot in lessons with pleasure. With a competent approach, you can count on a 2 -year course. 1 year - block programming. 2 years Arduino C.

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Robotic kit consists of all parts relating to robotic mechanism system, to make a robot, some basic subjects’ knowledge is required such as physics, match, engineering, etc. Those are naturally match the fundamental elements of STEAM education.  

WeeeMake Evolution Robot Kit has six interesting robotic forms such as the cute Wall-E like robot, penguin robot, walking robot, and other flexible robot forms! It can be a fun DIY robotic kit, in the meantime it can also do lots of robot competition challenge such as line tracking, obstacle avoidance, light and sound interactive projects and so on. With all features, it’s a high cost-effective robotic kit with a good expand possibilities. The building process and learning programming with WeeeCode are fun and easy.

Weeemake WeeeBot series is a good selection of products to learn robotics and graphical programming. For different age kids, different models are available. 6-8: WeeeBot mini 8-10: WeeeBot Jeep 10-14: 6 in 1 WeeeBot Evolution 12+: 12 in 1 WeeeBot RobotStorm.

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Weeemake Invitation: The 81st China Education Equipment Exhibition (CEEE)

The 81st edition China Education Equipment Exhibition will be held in the Greenland International. Expo Center at Nanchang, Jiangxi province during November 18th to November 20th, 2022. This exhibition brings together well -known manufacturers of educational equipment, with high quality and brands. Welcome to visit Weeemake at stand B3032. Weeemake adheres to the concept of win -win cooperation and integration into the ecology and provides customers with comprehensive solutions for artificial intelligence education, programming education and robot education. At present, the product system is compatible with the Kitten source code editor of Arduino, Python, code.game, Matrix Editor, Mixly, Makecode and other software, and integrate into the Huawei smart selection product series. The company has signed cooperation agreements with hundreds of channels and partners worldwide to provide global customers with turnkey programmable STEAM robot education solutions and competition solution for high-quality AI education, programming education and robot education. Weeemake Stand Preview: Weeemake Stand: B3023 – 108 m² See you in Nanchang!

Why Child with poor learning should learn more about robot programming? It's not too late to regret.

Robot programming should be the best interdisciplinary learning link, which can help child master the basic subjects better. Some parents maybe puzzled, how does robot programming promote Chinese, math, English and other basic subjects? Robot programming and Chinese 1.Robot Programming improves children's language skills You can imagine a scene, where a child has designed an interesting robot after one hour's building and one hour's programming. What will he do next? First, he would talk and demonstrate to his parents and tell them how it works. Second, he will show again if he meets some friends soon. In this process, child practice his language’s skills unconsciously, Robot programming makes children more eager to share with others. If you have good works, you want others to see and understand them. Therefore, robot programming can practice children's language's skills and help children improve confidence. 2.Robot programming improve children’s reading ability and comprehension Children will discover why the program performs a particular action from program itself by studying robot programming. Just like a child learn how to cook, it is impossible to learn if he only know the dish itself. Children need to know the steps, need to prepare the ingredients, and need to know the conditions for cooking. When children are programming, they need to understand the goal of programming first. if robot need to walk, why can a robot walk? program need to Complete a five-digit calculation, so why can a program complete math's calculation? You can write a qualified program only if your can really understand the goal of programming. Therefore, let child learn programming, especially let them understand the complex program constantly in their prime ages, which can help them improve comprehension and reading ability. 3.Programming improves children's logical thinking ability Before teaching how to write, teachers are used to asking students to establish a writing outline, which is similar to the code structure in programming. Take writing a story, Children should think about the genre of the story, the main characters and supporting characters, and how to set up the twists and turns of the exciting plot before writing. If child exercise logical thinking not enough, article will not be good enough in the college entrance examination of Chinese, Program code has a strong causal relationship, the programming logic is disrupted once the sequence is reversed, the program will not run. when programming, children will also have the same thinking -- from the structure of each piece of code, to the building of the overall architecture, all need to have a overall idea. Therefore, programming is a discipline that emphasizes sequential relations, which also exercises children's logical thinking and promotes their ability of writing in Chinese. Robot programming and Math 1.Help child understand abstract mathematical concepts For many students, mathematical concepts are too abstract. We can program abstract mathematical concepts into visible, moving images. For example, during the programming process, child will be more understand decimals and fractions intuitively. Move the decimal point in the code, then the size of the object on the screen changes dramatically. In this way, mathematical abstract concept can be programmed to vivid graphics, then into the child's mind, so as to deepen the understanding of mathematical concepts. 2.Programming strengthens Math and improves student achievement Programming can improve logical thinking and deductive reasoning skills, which are also necessary for learning mathematics. Organize and analyze data when programming and break one problem down into smaller pieces then solve them one by one, which is also fit for many mathematical problems. Therefore, there is no doubt that learning programming can strengthen children's mathematical ability and improve their achievement. 3.Programming is the integration and reflection of mathematical knowledge If child wants to write a fun mini program in code, he will use all kinds of Math. In this process, child also can get lots of mathematical knowledge, then form a high-dimensional perspective of problem-solving which peers don't have gradually, meanwhile understand mathematical concept deeply. Robot programming and English 1.English is the heart of all programming languages look at the keyboard on our computer, there are 26 English letters except numbers and symbols. In China, many primary and middle school students spend much time on English learning, but it is difficult to have a real and natural English application environment. You have to do code programming in English, so it creates a meaningful English application environment, which can improve English effectively. 2.Programming can improve child's memory For beginners, they will meet thousands of new English words when programming, these words will be repeated constantly in different places, which can stimulate the child's hippocampus response unconsciously It also increases children's English vocabulary while enhancing memory, which is helpful for improving English scores. 3.Help children connect with mainstream authoritative programming events There are large international technical communities around the learning and application of one programming, and they usually communicate in English. Therefore, you can communicate in a wider range and obtain the latest information on the development of relevant programming techniques by learning programming in English. It will be beneficial for students to participate in international IT competitions undoubtedly in the future. Seize the opportunity to enhance future competitiveness Computer science has become integrated into various disciplines, both in academia and industry, it's natural consequence of following the world's development. On the issue of children's education, integrated learning mode based on children's programming education will also be developed when facing interdisciplinary learning. Let child contact with science, technology, and robot programming from childhood, which is also a new learning method, improving the achievement of basic subjects meanwhile let child has a better future unconsciously.

Why do kids who learn robot programming get better grades?

For programming education, many parents only know that "if you don't let your children learn programming, you will fall behind!", but they are confused about "why let your children learn programming"! So why exactly do we let our kids learn to program? 1. Programming can cultivate children's thinking Learning to code teaches you how to think, just like learning math, not necessarily to be a mathematician, but math teaches you a way to think, and so does learning to code. Everyone should learn to program because it will teach you how to think.- Apple founder Steve Jobs 2.Programming can help children improve their grades Language: When programming, from the structure of each piece of code to the construction of the overall structure, children need to fully conceive. Teachers are accustomed to letting students establish a writing outline before teaching writing. The outline of writing an essay is actually similar to the code structure in programming. Programming places great emphasis on sequential relationships, while also exercising logical thinking. Let the children in the golden age of development learn programming and constantly understand complex programs, which is conducive to improving children's comprehension ability and driving the reading and writing ability of Chinese subjects. Math: Programming can improve logical thinking and deductive reasoning skills, which are also necessary skills for learning mathematics. The logic involved in programming, the organization and analysis of data, and the decomposing thinking of breaking down problems into smaller parts and solving them one by one can also be used in solving many mathematical problems. Therefore, there is no doubt that programming learning can strengthen children's mathematical ability and improve their performance. English: Just look at the keyboard on our computer, except for numbers and symbols, there are only 26 English letters. Although many primary and secondary school students spend a lot of time in English, because there is no real and natural English application environment, it is very difficult to learn. The code-based programming uses all English, which creates a practical English application environment, which can effectively promote the improvement of English proficiency. Information Technology: Information technology itself is an academic proficiency test subject that must be studied in primary and secondary school classrooms across the country, and related question types often appear in the college entrance examination mathematics test paper, and have even become a college entrance examination subject in some provinces. Therefore, learning programming well has an obvious effect on promoting children's learning ability and cultural class performance. In the robot debugging stage, the correctness of logic and coding is very tested, and a little error cannot be tolerated. Obviously, this error-correcting ability has applicability in any cultural exam. It is worth mentioning that primary and secondary schools are the critical period for the formation of children's abstract logical thinking and the best age to learn programming. 3. Learning to program is an investment "Disciplinary teaching can benefit students for life, not with specific subject expertise, but subject ideas and concepts that affect their world outlook, outlook on life and values..." When a child encounters robotic programming as a teenager, if one can really put in the time to master them. So, what robot programming means to them is a whole new perspective on the world. Many of the occupations we see today will gradually disappear due to advances in technology, while new occupations will emerge. And most new jobs will likely require people with programming skills, which is why some predict that programmers may be the last occupation to be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future. In short, programming is not only a demand for talents in the information industry, but will become a demand for all industries. All walks of life need not only software professionals, but also industry professionals with programming skills. Letting children learn programming as early as possible will enable them to better adapt to the future technological society and be more competitive in the future. WEEEMAKE is a global provider of STEAM education solutions. For schools, education and training institutions, and home STEAM education scenarios, it provides a complete range of robot hardware, programming software, teaching courses, and creates an international youth robot competition.

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