6 in 1 WeeeBot Evolution STEAM Robot Kit

6 in 1 WeeeBot Evolution STEAM Robot Kit

WeeeMake Evolution Robot Kit is a STEM construction robot kit with six cool pre-set forms.

Evolution Six Pre-set Forms

Evolution involved, building robots from the animal, to human, to robot machine times! Building process and learning programming with WeeeCode are fun and easy.

Wall-E Robot

Walking Robot

Penguin Robot

4-leg Robot Spider

Detection Robot Tank

3-wheel robot racing car

Evolutionary Buiding Forms

Four leg robot bug, Robot Penguin, Walking Robot, Three Wheel Car, Detection Robot, Wall-E Robot.







Download Instruction

6-in-1 WeeeBot Evolution 3D assembly file V1.0

6-in-1 WeeeBot Evolution Assembly Animation mp4 V1.0

6-in-1 WeeeBot Evolution Construction Instructions PDF V1.0