12 in 1 WeeeBot RobotStorm STEAM Robot Kit

12 in 1 WeeeBot RobotStorm STEAM Robot Kit


The 12 in 1 WeeeBot RobotStorm is an ultimate multi-functional STEAM robot DIY kit. It has twelve advanced pre-set forms. It allows you to create your unique robot. Whether you are a mechanical or electronics engineer, teacher or student, it lets you easily handle the knowledge of mechanical structures, electronic modules and programming. Building process and learning programming with WeeeCode are fun and easy. Users can explore more ways to play with WEEEMAKE parts and LEGO bricks.


4DOF Robot Arm

Robot Arm Tank

Ball Launcher

Self-balancing Robot

Bartender Robot

Forklift Robot

Camera Dolly Robot

Walking Robot

Spider Robot

Rolling Tank

Detection Robot

3-wheel Robot


RobotStorm – the ultimate 12 in 1 construction kit

Powerful Parts Library


Mainboard:  ELF (ATMEGA 328P)

Working Voltage: 6-10V

Onboard Components: Buzzer, Button, RGB LED

External Electronics:

Microchip ATmega 328P, Bluetooth Module, RGB Ultrasonic Sensor, Line-following Sensor, Gyroscope Sensor, Sound Sensor, IR Receiver, DC/Encoder Motor Driver


4 x RJ11, 6 x Pin Port (P1-P6 support sensor or adapter, P3-P6 support motor driver), 10 DC Motor Port, 1 x MCU Port, 1 x Wireless Communication Port, 1 x USB-B

Communication: USB, Bluetooth 4.1, 2.4G wireless, IR

Motor: 2x Encoder DC Motor, 1 x DC Motor -25, 1 x N30 DC Motor

Power Supply: 2 x 18650 Lithium Rechargeable Battery


Graphical Programming Software:

WeeeCode (Based on Scratch, support Windows & Mac OS)

Programming Software: Arduino IDE



Go to page Download to get WeeeMake app and WeeeCode graphical programming software.


RobotStorm Manual                     Robot Gripper Assembly Guide


Ball Launcher Robot                                Robot Arm Tank