ELF Shield for micro:bit

ELF Shield for micro:bit


ELF shield is a shield board for BBC micro:bit. It connects micro:bit to Weeemake electronic modules, motors, and servos, to enriching the function and ability of micro:bit board.


The LEGO brick design cover is compatible to LEGO construction platform. ELF shield with micro:bit is ideal entry-level hardware for Python programming study.

Powerful shield for micro:bit
Driven by 18650 lithium battery, integrated sound sensor, buzzer, three RGB LEDs, four RJ11 electronic port, two DC motor port, and two servo motor port.

More than 20 different modules supported, have more fun with your micro:bit in Weeemake electronic platform!

Easy to Code
Cross-platform coding. Both drag & drop graphical programming and professional Python coding are supported. Rich online resources updated all the time.

ELF Shield Specifications

4 x RJ11 Port, 2 x DC Motor Port; 2 x Servo Port;
1 x Micro USB Port
Working Voltage: 3.7-4.2V
Onboard Components: 
1 x Sound Sensor, 1 x Buzzer, 3 x RGB LED
Battery: 1 x 18650 Lithium Battery
Charging Voltage: 5V
Charging Port: MicroUSB

micro:bit Specifications (optional)

Port: 5 x Large Pins; 1 x Micro USB port
Onboard Sensor & Component:
2 x Buttons, 1 x Accelerometer, 1 x Compass
25 x Individually-programmable LEDs
Working Voltage: 1.8-3.6V
Communication: Micro USB, Bluetooth, Radio
Graphical Programming Software: 
MakeCode/Code.game (for Python)
Programming Software: Python

Compatible Electronic Sensor & Module

SKU Product Name Programming Language
130437 LED Panel Module-Matrix 5*14 MakeCode
130439 RGB LED Strip (0.5m) MakeCode
130440 RGB LED Strip (1m) MakeCode
130405 LED Panel Module-Matrix 7*21 MakeCode/MicroPython
130406 Double-way Line-following Sensor MakeCode/MicroPython
130407 RGB Ultrasonic Sensor Module MakeCode/MicroPython
130426 PIR Sensor MakeCode/MicroPython
130427 Temperature and Humidity Sensor MakeCode/MicroPython
130428 Flame Sensor MakeCode/MicroPython
130429 Combustible Gas MQ2 Sensor MakeCode/MicroPython
130432 Tilt Switch MakeCode/MicroPython
130436 LED Segment Display MakeCode/MicroPython
130441 4 LED Button MakeCode/MicroPython
130442 Joystick V1.0 MakeCode/MicroPython
130443 Potentiometer MakeCode/MicroPython
130444 Slide Potentiometer MakeCode/MicroPython
130445 4-Digit Touch Sensor MakeCode/MicroPython
130446 MP3 Module MakeCode/MicroPython
130447 5V130 Fan Module MakeCode/MicroPython
130448 Relay Module MakeCode/MicroPython
130454 Atomizer Module MakeCode/MicroPython
130424 Color sensor MicroPython
130435 RJ11 RGB LED MicroPython
130483 UV Sensor MakeCode
130484 PM2.5 Sensor MakeCode
130485 Barometer Sensor MakeCode
130486 Funny Touch Sensor MakeCode


Compatible Motor & Servo (MakeCode & MicroPython)

130412 TT Motor
130462 DC Motor-25 (188RPM)
130463 DC Motor-25 (335RPM)
130464 DC Motor-25 (588RPM)
130465 DC Motor-25 (50RPM)
130471 MG995 Servo Motor Pack
130472 9g Servo  Motor  Pack

For more information on programming with MakeCode and Python, please visit Wiki.